Small Barnyard Pets
There can be a fine line between a “pet” and a farm animal. Many “barnyard” animals are very intelligent and make good companions, are easy to train and care for, but have unique needs regarding their housing, food and health.

If you live on a farm, the transition is easier, as you already have the room and most likely the knowledge about your barnyard animals. However if you live in the city/suburbs, there is much more to consider when keeping them as pets.

Before you choose to own a small barnyard animals you must check with your local municipality, as many prohibit these animals from being kept as pets. Their housing takes up much more room than most “domestic” pets, and their food can be harder to obtain and more costly, due to the quantities that they eat.

Potbellied pigs and goats are smart and friendly and can be trained as excellent pets. Poultry is usually kept by the hobbyist for showing, and/or the eggs for eating.

All small barnyard pets will need proper veterinary care to keep them happy and healthy. Saukville Veterinary Clinic has experts that treat exotic pets, including small barnyard animals. Call us for your questions and veterinary health needs.
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