Why would someone want to keep a reptile as a pet instead of something soft and cuddly? They are perfect pets for people with allergies to fur and dander, and don’t smell if their cages are kept clean. Most reptiles can be kept in small, easy-to-maintain enclosures.

Reptiles require a different kind of diet than cats and dogs. They feed on bugs, small rodents and feeder fish…all easily obtainable at your local pet store. Reptiles need special lighting in their enclosures for heat at night and special ultraviolet bulbs during the daytime hours to simulate natural sunshine.

Reptiles do require some veterinary care to maintain their health, and require immediate attention if they become sick. Saukville Veterinary Clinic is known throughout the area as the “place to go” for exotic pets. We have specialists who are well trained in exotic pets and experts who have experience with reptiles. If you choose a reptile as a pet, stop in and see us for all your pet’s needs.
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