~ Remembering our Beloved Cats ~
TheaI brought a one year old torti shell into my home as a stray. She was only with us for a few months but she was part of the family from the start.she helped my family grow closer and closer together. She was never really playful but she would cuddle with you or perch on your shoulder. Thea was a part of my family :( .
PussyI adopted Pussy when he was three years old. At the time I was very allergic to cats and had never been able to have one before. I gradually acclimated him from the basement to eventually a loving part of my household. All my allergies slowly went away. We adopted another cat for a friend for him to play with, and they lived a happy, playful and loving life together until Pussy came to his end. He was 18 when we put him to sleep. Pussy was a very sassy, demanding and funny cat. Being used to dogs all my life, he was quite the teacher on feline behavior and their "unique" ways, that only cats know. I will miss him, my first cat. Thank you, Pussy for showing me the delights of having a cat as part of my family.
TyegerTyeger (7/16/98-5/16/16) has been us since he six weeks old. He made our family complete. Tyeger was followed our middle children around from day one. Then he became Jayson's cat as everyone would say. He would sleep with him every night. When Jayson was in school or away, Tyeger would lay in his spot on the bed. In the last 2 years, Tyeger would keep mom and Dad company since he needed a little extra attention. Tyeger lived a long and happy life. He was loved by everyone. 17years with our furry friend was best ever.
AstiAsti Spumanti was a beautiful Chartreux French cat who came into our lives with her sister Chanel in 1999. Chanel passed 6 years ago and Asti remained for many more years until she was almost 17 years old. She died peacefully in her sleep on April 10th. We will miss her "talking" to us everyday and relaxing with us on the couch. Asti was a wonderful companion. Thanks to the staff and especially Dr. DesJardin for keeping Asti healthy and happy until the end.
JasminJasmin was a wonderful companion for almost 16 years. I got her when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She was a seal mitted ragdoll. Always new and cuddled with you when you were sick. It was so hard to put her down as she was the first animal I have had to do this to as an adult. My boys loved her a lot. I am thankful for the staff who were absolutely wonderful to me, my family, and Jasmin.
RockyThis is my best friend Rocky. He was born October 9th 1999. He passed away February 13 2016. I have had Rocky since he was a week old. Rocky was half maincoon and half feral. Rocky was so good to us. He took care of us all. We miss you sweet boy.
BabyBeloved companion of Richard O'Flahrity. Baby was 7 yrs old. Thank You to the doctors and staff for going above and beyond with the care given to Baby.
BearMay 2002 - October 2015 Our Tiger will be dearly missed. He was a joy in our life for 13 years. He was our curious cat who loved opening cabinets and doors...really miss hearing them open and close :( He was always where the action was, checking everything out. In our hearts forever!
BearBear was our beloved "BIG BOY" our CARE BEAR ! He was so very mild and sweet, except to that mouse he killed on the kitchen floor last year. He will be missed after a wonderful ten years of love and affection.
KittyTwister (June 2000 - June 12, 2015) Thank you for the 15 years of happiness you gave me. You were always there for me when I needed you, even when you were having some major catitude, you'd still be there for me. Thank you for being such a tolerant cat as I was growing up and letting me do pretty much whatever I wanted to do to you :) Saying good bye to you was the most difficult thing I've ever had to deal with and I miss you so incredibly much. I love you my sweet beautiful baby girl. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge and we can play with mousey together again.
KittyKitty was adopted in 2002 when he was aprox. 2 years old. We fell in love with him instantly, he was such a big boy~15 pounds~ and the little scrap of carpet in his cage was his security blanket, did not want to leave it. He was a Daddy's boy, greeting him when coming home from work and without fail even on his last day would jump off his chair and walk down the hall as he got out of bed and be right there at the door when it opened. He had an awesome personality that we will all miss.
TutuTutu passed away on February 20th, She adopted my dad over 17 years ago. Tutu took very good care of him and then helped my two daughters finish college at the U of Minnesota after that. She moved to Memphis for a short time but did not like the heat and the other cats. Tutu loved traveling in the car and was especially fond of siting near the air-conditioning vent. She has lived with us in Cedarburg ever since leaving Memphis and we miss her very much.
LouieLouie, 17 years Old: We adopted Louie from the humane society when he was 3 years old. We were very fortunate that he chose us for his forever family. He lived a very long life, spending the last 14 years with us. Louie was loved deeply by his mommy and daddy every day of his life. Losing him has been one of the most difficult things we have ever gone through. While we have shed many tears, there are also many beautiful memories that we will cherish forever. Louie was our very special kitty and will be missed dearly. Until we meet again...our sweet baby Lou!
JazzyWe adopted Jasmine (Jazzy) from the Ozaukee Humane Society January 5, 2013. She was a 3 year old stray with beautiful green eyes. I had to go see her when I saw her photo on-line. When we brought her home she came right out of her carrier and played with a milk ring for hours. That's when I named her "Jazzy". She was a sweet beautiful girl who stole my heart. We only had her for 18 months and we let her go home because she was sick. I miss her everyday. She is forever in my heart. Till we meet again my sweet "Jazzy".

Mr. SimmsSimba aka Mr. Simms (April 1995 - April 2, 2014) 19 years old. I want to thank Dr. Hinz for her direction and gentleness in working with our beloved Simba in his geriatric years. Also, thank you to Dr. Shepherd for his straightforwardness, kindness, and compassion in the end. Simba first entered my life when I brought him home from the Humane Society in the Fall of 1995. Seems he picked me. My back was turned from his cage and a soft paw grabbed and hooked onto my sweater through the crate from behind. When I turned around, one look into his gorgeous green eyes, I believe it must have been meant to be. At the time, I never imagined we would be lucky enough to have 19 years together. In his lifetime he was also a companion for my grandmother. 19 years together and will never be forgotten.
JuJuPatches was my main man! He has been apart of my life since he was adopted in CA back in 2002 at the age of 8. Now, 12 years later nearing the age of 20, we had to say our good-byes. Patches was an incredible animal. The only thing he ever asked for was attention! Couldn't get enough of anyone. Everyone admired him whether it was because of his size, the fact he listened like a dog, gave kisses, or because he made you laugh when he would drink from a toilet. A piece of my heart broke on 9/18/13 when Dr. Shepard and I laid you down to sleep. From everyone back at home we love you and miss you buddy!!

LittleoneLittleone thank you for the 14 years of joy having you with us. You were just a tiny little kitten when dad rescued you from his work. You are missed so much. Even Maynard misses you he looks for you all the time to come running when it’s time to eat. I’m sure your happy in kitty heaven Love & Miss You Always Mom,Dad & Maynard

SnuggySnuggy was from a farm litter... I found a write up of cats for free. The second day I had him he started to tap on my pill container to wake me up... After I took my pills he went on his routine. He was a great "mouser" till we found out how the mice got into the house. He loved playing with my younger cat, Spooky. She misses him as much as I do. He loved his beenie baby, his nip, my tea, hiding in the laundry bag and also ringing a bell hung on my lamp to awaken me from my naps.

SimbaSimba was adopted from the Ozaukee Humane Society 12 years ago at the age of 8 years. He has brought us many years of joy, love and laughs. Many thanks to Dr. Sheperd and his wonderful staff for their compassion and care of Simba during his lifetime and especially these last few months. Now rest in peace Simba knowing you will always be loved and dearly missed. Til we meet again at Rainbow Bridge..... March 6th, 2013
ShadowShadow, age 21. She was a precious cat every minute of her life, and she will be missed dearly just as much as she was loved in life.

CherCher was our wonderful pet for 17 years. We got her from the Ozaukee humane society and enjoyed her so very much.She gave us a lot of pleasure, and we will miss her very, very much. She was actually part of our family, and gave us much joy, happiness and blessings that only a loved one could give. She was our little girl and she will always be missed.
TwinklesTwinkles Grant, 13 years of joy.

HaileyHailey was our special little girl. We adopted her from the Ozaukee Humane Society in April of 2003. She filled our life with love and joy. She was a sweet and sassy girl with a little catitude. We miss her very much and not a day goes by that we don't think of her. Always remembered. Till we meet again. Aug. 2001 - Dec. 2012

DaisyOur sweet princess Daisy. We had 10 really fun years with you. Run free with Molly now.
MollyOur Beautiful Molly. Thanks for 11 wonderful years.
LinusMy Sweet Snowy...you were and always will be my angel with fur, my best friend, my protector and I love and miss you so much. When you came into my life 14-1/2 years ago, my life was changed for the better and now as you leave and cross the Rainbow Bridge, my life will never be the same. I am so filled with gratitude for the time we shared together. There are so many stories - both wonderful and challenging - you definitely had more than 9 lives. You always knew exactly what you wanted and were very good at letting me know. You are one of the very special ones...a wise, gentle, old soul who brightened the lives of everyone who met you. You are always in my heart and forever in my soul.
OreoOreo Born June 24th, 2012 Died August 24th 2012

CozzieThere is a bridge of memories From earth to Heaven above... It keeps our dear ones near us It's the bridge that we call love In Memory of our precious Companion Cozzie You will be missed August 2012

BadgerBadger 3/11/08- 7/14/12. We were not thinking about adding another cat to our family, but when he was abandoned at the doorstep of a vet clinic in Tomahawk, WI with his day-old litter mates and no mother, we couldn't say no. He grew up to be the best cat you could ever ask for. He was our dog-cat that acted more like a pup than a cat. His best friend was a mini-dachshund named Tootsie and they would snuggle together and play non-stop. Almost every picture we have of him is with Tootsie. Badger was a gentle giant that out-weighed Tootsie by 8 pounds, and was sweet to everyone he met. His purr was like a motor that never stopped. He didn't mind being crawled over or tugged on by our curious 8 month old son. His loss was so unexpected and we still see him everywhere we look. Tootsie misses her friend. She finally stopped looking from room to room for her buddy. Our other kitty Bucky wasn't as close but we can tell he is mourning as well. Badger was such a good boy, he made the decision to leave this earth for us so we wouldn't have to face putting him to sleep. He was not with us for long- but we were able to enjoy him while he was here and we loved him with every ounce.
MosesMoses was our loving pet for many years. He was a wonderful companion. We adopted him from the Ozaukee Humane Society. Moses was a wonderful lap cat and always waited for us to sit down in the living room so he could grab a lap. He passed away unexpectedly in June. Moses will always be in our hearts and we will miss him forever.
LuxorRest in Peace Luxor….. You were one of the best cats that I ever had!!!! You were so loving and affectionate and you loved me so….I hope that god takes great care of you, you certainly deserve the best. I will miss you so much and just remember that I love you like one of my children….Thank you to all of the staff for all your care with my precious baby :) xoxoxo for you Lucky!!!!

ChesterChester – our buster brown you were in our lives for only 1yr but made such an impact on us you brought joy to our daily routine and made us smile when we had a bad day. We are so very sad wish we had more time with you.

Alley CatI am heartbroken to say goodbye to our precious Alley Cat. My companion of 19 years, she has been my roommate for longer than any human or creature. Whatever address I was at, 'home' was always where you were. I will miss her morning 'roars' and always visiting near the bath or shower. Goodbye my dear, dear friend. You will forever be loved and missed. Give Ben a snuggle for us. XO P.S. Thank you Dr. Sheperd for being there for us.. as always. You are the best Vet ANYONE could ask for.
SpookyEighteen years ago I found Spooky abandoned by his mother outside our home about 2 weeks before Halloween. He was the most mellow and laid back cat I ever had. Thanks BooBoo for the many years of love and laughs you gave us. The days are not the same without you. You are greatly missed by all of us. Til we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.
Boo BooBooBoo had been a part of our family for almost 7 years. She was a gentle soul that had much love and loyalty to her family. Some of her favorite things to do every day were relaxing in the warmth of the sun, playing chase, and snuggling anytime there was a blanket in sight. We will always remember her kindness, playfulness, remarkable agility, and her loving spirit. We love and miss you BooBoo, you will always be part of our family.

ZemaWe miss you so much Zema, especially Miller! Dave and Jan

PuffyWe fell in love with Puffy the day we saw him at the Humane Society. He was a two-week bundle of black fur so the kids named him Puffy. He was the most loving and affectionate kitty you could imagine. His life was way to short with us here, and we long for all the time we could have had with him. We miss him everyday- petting his soft silky fur, getting kisses, and watching him play. We know he is in a good place, sunning himself on his back like he always did. Love forever.
MissyThis is Missy who we were very fortunate to have for almost 10 years. We will miss you so much. Love you so much, Mom, Dad and Penny.

LuluToo many wonderful years of unconditional love and loyalty, fun and affection. Rest in peace Lulu.
TopoTopo came to us 13 years ago from the Saukville clinic via my wife’s sister who originally had her. She needed to find Topo a home because her daughter was allergic. That is how we became Topo Gigo’s family and forever home. Ever summer Topo would take a truck ride up north where she could sit in the window and watch the loons, birds, lake and the numerous chipmunks run around the yard. One of her favorite things to do was to jump to catch glitter balls. She would jump 3 feet into the air to catch it. If she wasn’t doing that she was batting and chasing them all over the house. She was always there when we came home to greet us…she will be missed dearly. Thank you Dr. Shepard for all you have done for us!
KittyKitty” passed away on 7/20/10 My friend and companion for 17 years.

ChanelChanel was our little buddy and a great traveler. Chanel and her sister Asti have camped with us around the US. Chanel gave us much love and attention. We were very fortunate to have her in our life. She will always have a special place in our hearts.

PetePete will be missed by all.
Queen BeaQueen Bea came into my life as a 6 week bundle of fur with big eyes full of wonderment. For the next 13 1/2 years, she was my devoted companion and confident. She would meet me at the door every night when I got home and no matter how bad my day was, her purrs and pretty face made everything right. She was the Queen and had the demenor of one. There were only two peole in her world, Dada and not the Dada. The last day of her life she rode co-pilot to pick up Mama. When my wife came to the car there was a co-worker with her. From the sick kitty, she transformed herself into her regal maner and put on an act that surprised even me. Little did we know she had less than 45 minutes to live. She only was home 30 seconds before we had to lay her down.
KatyMy "Sweet Katy", my heart aches, my tears fall, I will miss you forever Dear Friend. - Mom

MikiMiki found us when we weren't even thinking about adding a second cat to our family. A friend found her on her property, only four months old and nothing but fur and bones. The day she brought Miki to our home, Miki spent 20 minutes letting us fawn over her and the next four days sleeping. She loved snuggling and would do so with anyone who would have her. If a warm lap wasn't available when she needed it she'd follow us around, meowing until someone sat down. Her belly stayed soft like a rabbit's fur and she'd let you scratch her chin for hours if you could. She liked being with us so much that she'd often get in the car with us, and we once had to carry her trick-or-treating because she had followed us two blocks from home. Miki was as adventurous and brave as she was patient and loving. We regret that our love wasn't enough to keep her in the house; her instinct to be outside and hunt was overwhelming. Her death was tragic, and we feel like we let her down. She was an amazing soul. We miss her deeply.
SilkeySilkey was my cat and my friend for many years. She was always there for me when I needed her most. She listened to me through my high school years when friends came and went. She was there when I got married and had both my kids. I will miss her always.

KallieKallie was our friend, our explorer and secretes keeper. She always wanted to make you feel better and be close to you. Where ever I went, Kallie had to go. If I sat outside by the bon fire, I had to pull up an extra chair for her to sit on along side me. She was my morning alarm clock, she woke me up every morning at 5:30, 7 days a week and I looked forwards to getting up with her. We got Kallie at 6 weeks old; she fit in the palm of my hand. Kallie was with us for 12 wonderful years and she is greatly missed.
ReggieWe adopted Max when he was just a little bundle of fur that could fit in your hand. He was king of the castle over our other pets including our two labs. He was only 10 but he had a great life and brought joy and love to all those who knew him. He will be missed but the memories will last a lifetime. We love you fuzzy man.
KaliKali - The Apple of my Eye Love & Miss You Mom (9-8-09)

TAbithaTabitha came to us from the animal control shelter in Tempe, AZ in Nov., 1992. She spent the next 16 1/2 years with us as we started and expanded our family. She was very much the "little lady" of our house and gave us so much love. We miss her very much and will love her always.
FrankFrank was rescued from Minnesota by my wife, "Because they shoot them up here!". He went from feral to friend, and will be greatly missed.
MurphyMurphy was almost 18 years old when we put him down in May 2009 - he was my friend, snuggle buddy and all around cool cat. I got him while I was living away from home for the very first time...he came to me as a stray kitten....so small I could put him in the palm of my hand. He was always mischievous, but loving. He will be missed.
ChaosOn November 13, 2007, we lost Chaos, Saukville Vet's clinic cat, due to serious illness. He fought a week before he passed away. Even though he was only with us a short time, he made a big impact at the clinic. He will be missed sitting on the receptionist chairs, sitting in the mail basket greeting the postman, sitting on the counter eating his food, helping in puppy classes, or laying on the phone while you tried to work. Despite his name, he was one of the most laid-back cats we ever knew and very loving. We will miss him at the clinic.