~ Remembering our Beloved Exotic Pets~
NovaThis is my hedgehog, Nova. He crossed over the rainbow bridge a little after midnight on 6/28/16 while I snuggled him. I rescued him from a neglectful family a little over a year ago, and he was 2 yrs old when I got him. He had never been handled, never had his nails clipped, and had never had a bath. The first night I had him home, he fell asleep in my hands... as seen in the photo. He was always my little grump. but he had such a big personality and secretly loved getting his belly rubbed and stealing pieces of my apples. I can't begin to say how thankful I am for Dr. Sheperd and the rest of the staff at the office. They were able to see Nova immediately within a few hours of my calling them, even though he had never been there before, and they were very caring and helpful. They were willing to work with my fiancé to take care of all of the details to make it as easy on me as possible. I've had plenty of animals and moved around enough that I have seen plenty of vets, and I can honestly say that I have never encountered an office that was as wonderful as this one.
MaggieMageeThis is my guinea pig, Maggie Magee.  I want to thank Dr. Shepard and all of the staff for working so hard to try to make him better in the last couple weeks of his life (and also for letting me know that Maggie was a boy and not a girl - although I couldn't stop calling him Maggie).  He was such a sweetie who made us laugh and who gave us lots of squeaks. He loved our dogs and climbed all over them, even though I'm sure they wanted to eat him as a snack. I loved snuggling that little pig and I miss him.
BlasterBlaster was an amazing guinea pig. Every time we would walk in the room by him he would give us his precious little squeal. He knew he was loved very much by all of us. Unfortunately, he became really ill and I took him to see Dr. Shepard and he tried his best to save his life. He came home later that day and passed away 2 hours later. Blaster was with us for about 3 1/2 years and it was hard to see him go. RIP Blaster baby, you will be forever missed. You are no longer in pain and are probably having a blast in piggy heaven.
PatchesThis is our pet rat Patches. She past away recently. I'd highly recommend Saukville Vet Clinic, when you walk into the clinic it feels just like home. We know Patches was not alone the morning she past away, she had spent the night at the clinic on oxygen. The staff at the clinic were all very thoughtful and sincere. Our vet doctor Shepherd did an amazing job taking care of both our pet rats but Patches had to leave us. Thanks to all the staff at the clinic for being so helpful and comforting through this hard time. You all were amazing.
MochaOn friday we had to put our 1 year old rat Mocha down because she had tumors. She was an amazing rat that loved everyone she met.
BonnieBonnie was one of the sweetest Leopard Geckos anyone could ever ask for. She will forever hold a spot in my heart!!
KiwiFirst, thanks so much for all you've done for us both before and after my mini-lop Kiwi's sudden passing. I'd love to take you up on the offer in the condolence card to post a memorial photo of my little guy… Kiwi came to us from the Ozaukee Humane Society at just over a year old. He immediately became a welcome part of the family. Whether it was overseeing the cleaning of his letterbox, begging for the fruit or vegetable or treat he was absolutely certain you had or just spending time with his companion rabbit, Lily, he was a charming and beloved friend. I'm so glad he was a part of my life, and I'm devastated that I didn't have more time with him. I hope he realized how much we treasured him and that we were able to enrich his life as much has he did ours.
TweekI got Tweek, my bearded dragon, when he was the size of my thumb, and he just turned 7 a week before he died. Most people think having lizards is weird, but that little one-pound boy turned everyone that met him into a lizard lover, and he sure controlled my heart. He is greatly missed.
PorkyIn remembrance of Porky, our Teddy bear Hamster.

CloverClover, a Tortoise Dutch bunny, was a beautiful, gentle little lady who blessed us with almost 6 years of affection. She was an outside bunny who enjoyed digging burrows in the garden and tasting the nutritious treats we grew there. Her curiosity was endless, and she liked watching the squirrels and wild rabbits around her. She was so well behaved for nail trimming and brushing, and rarely fussed when given flowers to wear around her velvety ears. Our last 2 weeks with Clover were spent comforting and loving her as she became weak and tired. How patient she was while we cleaned her, since she could no longer do it herself. It was truly a gift to care for her during her last days. Clover has given us many great memories, but we miss her dearly. Thank you to Dr. Sheperd and staff for their gentle care and compassion.
HughHugh, (named after Hugh Laurie in House) was an awesome little bird. A lot sweeter then the character played on the show. He was very active and loved to sing with his sister Skye. I got Hugh and his sister in 2007 when they were just a few weeks old. We will miss you little man, especially your sweet little song that was always going when the sun was out or the lights were on. You were a great little companion. So sorry your life was cut short. Guess it's true that you can die from a "broken" heart.
CharlieCharly blessed our lives for nearly 15 wonderful years. Each and every day, she never failed to delight us--from her mischievous and inquisitive ways to her cuddling, adoring devotion. She loved to snuggle and insisted on being tucked into bed every night. Her waggly tail, wiggly snout, Stevie Wonder rocking of her head, and giving "hoof" to beg for treats brought laughter and joy to everyone who knew her. Charly was a precious, loving, angel on earth and we know she now has her wings to fly. We'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge--until then, frolic and play like you did when you were young.
NefertariNefertari was a blue Havana rabbit that was intentionally a show rabbit for the Holy Cross 4-H rabbit project when I got her when she was only 8 weeks old. As the years went by, however, she meant much more to me than blue ribbons and the county fair. She was my pet and a proper member of the Hofschulte family. Nefertari was a happy rabbit that was always a sweetheart to everyone, and she knew she ruled the house. She lived up to her name, not as the queen of Egypt, but the queen of our household. Whenever we brought her outside on her leash, she would promptly pull us back towards the door and clean herself as if the outdoors made her feel "icky". If we fed her fresh dandelion leaves as a treat, she would only take them if they were well rinsed off. And every morning she would be let out of her cage to wake me up and signal it was time to feed her and for morning hugs and petting. It's still shocking to think that the jump she made up onto my bed every day for the past 6 years of her life was the same jump she made when she broke her back. I'd like to thank everyone at the Saukville Vet Clinic for doing all you could do to help her, but now she's in a place, pain free, where she can run and hop to her heart's content. Nefi, it's been two weeks since you left us and it's still so hard to believe you're gone. I wish I could tell you how much I miss my bunny alarm clock in the mornings, or how miffed you'd be if I woke up late and messed up your feeding schedule (though you still had food in your dish. You were just picky.) But most of all I miss your big brown eyes, or the bunny kisses you'd give me at night before bed, the comfort you were always ready to give when I was sad or alone, and the little tattoo reading "Nefi" in your left ear. Rest in peace, Nefertari. I am so sorry you had to go like that, but I am a million times thankful I was there the last two hours with you before you left. I will love you forever, baby girl.
WentworthWentworth was one of the sweetest pocket pets I have ever had. He lived a good long life for a rat. He was 2 years and 8 months old. Almost made it to his 3rd birthday like his brother Bo. Wentworth was the ruler of the roost when out with his furry family members. Everyone "respected" him. He was a sweet little soul and he will be missed.

VioletThis is Violet, my sweet potbelly pig. She passed away after bringing me over 13 years of amazement and joy. What a beautiful experience it was being a part of her life. Violet was one of a kind and could never be replaced.
DaisyLizzy, our veiled chameleon, was a fun reptile to have in our house. She was just a baby when we got her and enjoyed watching her grow.
Guinea PigOur adopted guinea pig lived a long and happy life. She was over 5 years old when she passed away. Thank you Dr. Sheperd for all you did for her.