Canine Influenza Virus Information
As many of you are aware, the Chicago area is currently experiencing a surge in respiratory infection in their pet canine population.

The name of this virus is the Canine Influenza Virus. It is a relatively new disease that was first documented in 2004. It is one of various pathogens that can result in infectious tracheobronchitis (upper respiratory infections). This is a highly infectious virus and can easily spread from infected dogs to other dogs through direct contact, nasal secretions (through coughing and sneezing), contaminated objects (kennel surfaces, food and water bowls, collars and leashes) and people moving between infected and uninfected dogs. However, the virus is easily killed with bleach or quartnary ammonium (a hospital strength, multipurpose disinfectant).

Dogs are most contagious during the 2 to 4 day incubation period of the virus. Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, fever, and a runny nose. Most dogs recover within 2 to 3 weeks.

We recommend limiting or eliminating social activities involving other dogs at this time in order to decrease chances of exposure.

The health and safety of your pet is a priority for all of us here at Saukville Veterinary Clinic. We have implemented additional biosecurity measures in an attempt to protect our patients from exposure while being treated and examined here at our clinic, including strict sanitation/disinfecting protocols of surfaces and equipment, as well as isolation practices for our infected patients.

We are going to have the vaccination available shortly for dogs that may be at risk to get this virus, but the dog will need 2 doses, 3 weeks apart, and won’t have immunity until 2 weeks after the 2nd dose.

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