Our in-house laboratory offers many convenient services for our clients. We have the capability to do a wide variety of tests, so that we can provide prompt test results. This is especially important for emergency cases. Although most tests can be processed on-site, we also utilize local clinical pathology labs to process more specialized tests.
Services - Laboratory
In-house laboratory tests include...
• Blood Glucose Curve
• CBC Panel & Electrolytes
• Chemistry
• Ear Cytology
• Fecal Float & Fecal Smear
• Fine Needle Aspirate Cytology
• Fluid Analysis
• Fungal Culture
• Giardia Test
• Heartworm/ Ehrlichia/ Lyme/Anaplasmosis Test
• Skin Scraping
• Thyroid Test
• Urinalysis
Some tests offered that are sent to outside clinical pathology labs include...
• Clotting Profile
• Fructosamine
• Histopathology
• Michigan State Thyroid Test
• Parvo Test
• Phenobarbital Assay
• Senior Panel
• Stone Ananysis
• Other Specialized Tests